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Advotek Intl. LogoAdvotek International Ltd has been set up at a technology supply chain.

Based in Galway – hub of medical devices companies.

Advotek International was born from a partnership between the following companies:

  • Advotek
  • Advotek Medical Devices (AMD) – UK
  • Statice, France
  • Andersen Caledonia – Scotland
  • Alphamed Consulting  – Ireland

More than 30 years of experience through its partners.

Advotek International Ltd. is the total solution provider all under one team. Advotek International provides you turnkey solutions to support you from the very early stage of your project.

Design, Development, Design transfer, Manufacturing Validation Sterilization Testing Packaging …Thanks to a long lasting experience in the medical devices field through our different partners.

AdvoTek is the Parent company of Advotek Medical Devices (UK) and Advotek International (Ireland). The Advotek team invented, designed, developed, and manufactured Phased Array IVUS Ultrasound imaging catheter in 1992. From white sheet to exit. CE, FDA and Global release.

The team also set up EMcision for Imperial College including all the QMS, design, development, clincials, IP, manufacture, global registration of 15 different RF devices, including market launch in all of EU, USA , China , South America, Far East and Japan. Using the same subcontractors that form part of the Advotek International Group. We have customer projects for the CE marking, validation and development/control.

Advotek Group not only works hand in hand with our suppliers and subcontractors, we are hands on in testing and work closely with the validation and testing teams, across all the EU medical fields that give us a chance to be at the lead edge.

Advotek International is based in Parkmore Galway, area with CER, validation & testing as well as manufacturing facilities open for rental, with all equipment required, services and skill base.

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