Andersen Caledonia


Andersen Caledonia

Andersen Caledonia provides a wide range of infection control based services to support the manufacture and use of medical devices. In addition Andersen Caledonia provides testing to support environmental control programs within the healthcare industry and the wider community.

Key services offered include

  • Ethylene oxide sterilisation for large or small volumes
  • Steam sterilisation using a variety of cycles
  • Cleanroom packing and assembly of medical devices, surgical packs and other goods to be used as sterile
  • Laboratory testing to support the manufacture and use of sterile medical devices
  • Environmental monitoring of cleanrooms and other controlled areas
  • Provision of consumables and tests to support hospitals’ sterile processing functions
  • Water Testing for a variety of microbiological and chemical tests including Legionella, drinking water analysis, hospital monitoring, environmental monitoring and swimming pool monitioring.

Andersen Caledonia supports a large customer base from across the UK and the rest of the world. Our customers include hospitals, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, local councils and research organisations. While we supply many large multinationals we also provide a high degree of service to small or start-up companies. Our company is based around a flexible approach to production allowing us to handle small batches or orders quickly and efficiently.

The company has two large ethylene oxide sterilisation chambers and one steam sterilisation chamber. This allows us to process large volumes of product quickly and cost effectively. We run both dedicated sterilisation cycles and mixed load cycles. For customers wishing to sterilize a load using ethylene oxide or steam sterilisation rapidly we offer an express service for an additional fee.